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20 April, 2015 in Ideas , Affirm (1)

Affirm: 4 quick tips special for you


Some time ago i found the interesting vacancy by Affirm, online credit payment service founded by legendary Max Levchin, founder PayPal and Slide. They find a senior product manager. Of course, i’m interested in this position and prepared some tips for this company and adding it in my cover letter with my resume.

You need the slogan

Yes, Max is very popular person and everybody from IT-world know, who is this. But Affirm is the new digital service on the market and many people dont know about Affirm now (i sure this is temporary moment). And everybody, who don’t know Max, don’t know Affirm.

Where is Affirm a short description? You need to motto for your customers and of course, for your team, which shall know under what slogan it works.

And many users need to understand what is this service about before they click on advert. The slogan clings, the slogan remains in memory, it helps.

Correct your positioning

It’s second important thing. I think, you can consider to correct your current positioning from “long payment” to “short buying”. People want to use your service because they need the goods, but they don’t have money now. And Affirm – the best ways to get this goods right here and now.

Be closer

If you want to make the online purchases closer to customers, you need to be more closer to customers. Expand your site. Tell more live customer story’s, show simple user interface or demo – be more open and clean, because people will trust  money to you and they need more information, than usually.

I spoke something similar about in my previous posts to Qiwi and Yandex.Money. Users need to feel that they are very important for your service (and not only new source of the money income). Especially, in finance and credit service.

Be more usefull

This tip will be usefull for your customers and online stores. If you want to connect more online stores you can create some interactive online stores catalog on your site, when your users can see connected onliine stores by Affirm, to choose and buy exactly in them. It will be an additional benefit for online stores.