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24 May, 2015 in Ideas , Asana (13)

Asana: Conversation channels. Tips for Asana #5

Asana, congrats! Yesterday you published news about Team Conversation option. This is a really great option and you can be convinced in this when you will read your customer comments. And I am also very glad that gave you the correct tip at March.

But… I feel that you made it simply for “have” because all customers write you about project conversations, like… this (look at the left side under “My blog” project):


I think this is more effective than current and global Team Conversations when members can’t see active channels. And of course, new format easy-to-use and visual. In my previous post, I wrote about channels looks like one of the most popular team messenger service. You can take all from the best UI and use it.

More – read comments to your news about the conversation. Your customers say about this too.