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2 May, 2015 in Ideas , Asana (13)

Asana: Be more personal. Asana tips #4

Yes, I can generate tips for Asana again and again, because this service is very useful. Today I want to talk about people, who use Asana.

Do you know, who is this person? Designers? Programmers? Project managers? Editors? Assistants? Yes – everybody can be Asana user. And this is a very good – they have a wide audience, who use Asana to work. But… people live not only on the work.

Do you understand what I mean? I’m a product manager and use Asana 8-10 hours in my day. Asana help me control my tasks and go to my goals at work. Asana helps me to connect with my colleagues. This is a real helpful service.

But after work I have a second part of my life – my life. I should descend in the shop, to purchase the ticket for a concert of Rihanna and not to forget to descend on a concert of my daughter, etc.

Do you think that people, who use Asana at a job can use Asana… in his life?

Asana has a very simple and clean interface – it’s true. And I try to don’t use the computer more than 1-2 hours after work. And, of course, I use iPhone :) But guys, where is the calendar in Asana iOS app? I use Google Calendar because it simple and quick (yes, I know about Asana + Google Calendar), but I can create only meetings, not tasks. Why I need to use Google if you have more powerful calendar?!

Many people work with planning and they can use Asana for some life tasks, example saves dates of a birthday, plans of weekend, list of purchases, etc… It is convenient. It is always near at hand (I mean iOS app, where the calendar is absent). All know how it to do. If user more uses asana, them more strongly they get used to it.

You can save users inside Asana even after work. You can grow up the user satisfaction and be even closer to users.