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12 May, 2015 in Ideas , Google (2)

Google, how about BIG startups competition?

Oh yeah, in this post a share my idea about IT-company №1 in the world – Google Inc. Before this, I want to say something.

I am proud. I am proud that this company created by a man from Russia. Man with bravery and unusual mind. And everybody knows his name – Sergey Brin. Sergey, thank you for that you show us that any person in the world can become that whom he wants to become.

Ok, let’s turn to Google. Do you know Google Developers Launchpad? This is some partners program for startup, when Google gives some options to them: credits, meetings, UX reviews, AdWords promo, etc… Google is not first in this – also Microsoft have BizSpark (I participated in it with the project and many venture funds have similar offers. But Google is not Microsoft and not venture fund. How to be selected on this background?

To have an answer on this question, i suggest backing to more time ago in… 1998 when Sergey Brin and Larry Page created the best search engine in the Web. What do they need at that time? AdWords coupons? Google for business? Microsoft Azure free credits? Events? I think, they don’t want this. They needed only ideas and their hands. This is the main factor, which create a real popular and demanded service.

What has a Google? Google have the best hands in the world. When I say hands, of course, I mean programmers – people, who continue to create a Google. Yes, Google can buy all of best hands in the world, but how about ideas? Someone says that “ideas cost nothing“.

 Hmm, I want to say  differently:

ideas are invaluable

Ok, Google. I think, 95% of startups don’t need AdWords coupons. 95% of startups don’t need Google credits. But 95% of them need a good programmers and professional project managers, who can quickly plan and create site or system development. You have all of this. And every project in the digital world dreams about this.

Do you need more PR? Do you want to test your project teams (I mean programmers and project managers)? Do you want to create and know something new?

google-startups-competiotionDo the big Google Startup Competition. Attract the new brains. Attract the new ideas to Google. And give them your hands.

Main award(s) for product(s)-winner – be a global part of Google (as Gmail, DoubleClick, etc). Work in big Google product and team family. Other – have a chance to develop as an independent product.

Do the competition. Do the open and free registration for participants. Do pre-moderation or do “green light” (as this do Steam) moderation. Give your professional programmers for this competition. Give your managers and experts. And see how they compete and do something new.

You will be able to show your organization and programming strength. You will be able to show your opportunities for all people and for all developers. You will be able to show that your company – a true “№1”.

You have a chance to find best ideas for you company. And you did it first. You have a chance to find something useful and don’t pay millions and billions of dollars for this.

It not a simple hackathon with “blah-blah meetings“. It’s real competition with judges, category’s, terms, may be points and places. Hundreds of participants. Hundreds of new and fresh ideas. Hundreds ways to find new markets. Hundreds of potential opportunities to be more big and powerful. Use it!