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5 April, 2015 in Ideas , Asana (13)

Asana: New part of the tips for you

I love Asana and write some tips some time ago. And I will give them advice infinitely. I work in 5 projects at the same time and I need to control not only tasks. I want to see progress in the current task. I mean not deadline time, I mean current progress completed in the current task.

How I solve it now? I use tags with “___% complete” name like this:


Maybe this is really easy-to-use, maybe not – I don’t know, because this is a tags and users can use only 2 full name tags (third tag name will hide in “…”). But I think assigned users need to show the progress of performance of the tasks by them.

And i know one precisely – the project manager wants (and it is necessary) to see the process of performance of a task. Maybe you need to use some features as “Progress bar” with small animation icon?

And more – you can try to create some analyzing algorithm and predict the time of performance of this task in future (if Asana has information how assigned user does 10% and more).

Especially, this is considering with your calendar potential.