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3 April, 2015 in Ideas , Yandex (4)

Yandex.Money, you have the chance too

Hi! Some time ago I published big tips to Qiwi Visa Wallet and talk about ways to improve. In that article, I told about global action – started new service (startup with the accurate model of monetization) and gave the Yandex.Money company as the competitor Qiwi. And today I want to share my ideas about Yandex.Money.

What Yandex.Money has now? In the beginning, Yandex.Money this is a subsidiary company of Yandex (most popular search service in Russia). They have 18 billion open accounts and TNS says, that this is a most popular payment service in Russia.

And they have owned credit card, like this:

How can they increase the overall performance of service?

Yandex have not the only Yandex.Money subsidiary company. They have Yandex.Market service, when users can search some products in more then 10, 000 Russian online stores, read some reviews (to products and to online stores too). Yandex.Market have tight technical integration with this stores and high monetary income.

The most ingenious readers already understand what I tell about.

I think, Yandex.Money can use the power of the Yandex.Market  (damn, guys, you have 10, 000 online stores) and adding… Yandex.Cashback option for Yandex.Money credit card holders.

I think this is not a trouble to create some financial model and conduct negotiations with big-averages-small online stores and connect they to your new programm.

Just look at this simple diagram:


Pay your attention to a sheaf “Yandex.Money -> Yandex.Cashback“. If Yandex.Money is real most popular payment service in Russia (not only for online store payments), this is a real money and they have a chance to earn on it.

As I know, now Yandex.Money uses some marketing ways and give the some sales and discounts inside service when users pay via Yandex.Money. Why they cant give some cashback (cashback it is the same discount) for their users – I don’t know…

This model is very flexible and you can correct it as you need, strengthening or simplifying those stages of the functioning of the diagram.

Example, you can use two payment account inside service – cashback money account and freedom money account. In first users can keep only cashback money and use they only for online shopping. You can control this money and be sure that they will remain in your service.

In what advantage?

  1. improve the amount of Yandex.Money users (everybody want to save money);
  2. improve the amount of Yandex.Market users (online stores want to attract more customers);
  3. more money inside Yandex.Money service (freeze moneys from “customers -> sellers”);

More users, more money. You need only work.

Stay tuned!