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29 March, 2015 in Ideas , Twitter (3)

Twitter: Create the own time machine!

Hey, everybody! This is my account. I use Twitter everyday and I follow more than 200 channels now. This is not so much, and other users have 500, 1000 and more following peoples. This is a real large volume of information because you will have 20 – 50 new tweets every one minute in your feed.

And of course – you subscribe to very important and interesting channels: news, movie actors, singers, etc. And this information interesting for you.

I think, this is some hidden Twitter problem:

despite apparent “speed” of information occasions in the Twitter, users want to have opportunity to watch latest posts

How can you control latest information (example, one are two, are five hours ago) from your followings? I don’t say about current “stay informed” option, which show some part of latest tweets inside your feed. I mean real old tweets, example 3 are 6 hours ago.

Give me the answers only on one question – what users should make to read last tweets? Ok, you can say just waste the screen down. But… you don’t grudge fingers of your users?

I don’t know. And nobody knows.

But it simple! Twitter need to integrate “time-line” button! And this features is really very helpful.

Just see on my layout and concentrate your attention in the left tab “Live“.

twitter-1 twitter-2

If  you selected this tab see only live tweets (as standard setting now). If you lost some time (ex. you are worked are had a rest at weekend) and you want to see some latest tweets in your feed you can tap to this tab and select… counting back time and see latest post in your global feed.

Just click and select needed time to back in the latest.

What does it give to the Twitter?

I think this:

  1. the increase of value of content
  2. more deep using this content

This button will take a one global feature – travel in your followings content. I want to take the name to this features as “time machine”.

This tab have a good perspective – Twitter can use “time machine” not only in feed, but and in “Discover” and “Search” topics.

And I have some bonus tips for Twitter. The most attentive readers will find it on the screenshots stated above. This features will be useful for peoples, who have nothing to do in current time ;)

Stay tuned!