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26 March, 2015 in Ideas , Appintop (1)

AppInTop: How to grow the best agency

Hi! Today I want to talk about mobile business. This is a global company AppInTop, which do a complex solution in mobile marketing (Apple Store and Google Play applications marketing). I think this is very interesting and… difficult business. But I know some way to improve and expand it. But about everything one after another…

At the first time, I suggest to know what they doing and for whom they do it. Target audience of Appintop – mobile developers, retail, B2B-companies and all, who have mobile apps and who want to bring them in a top. As you see, this is a very big audience and company need the universal approach to advertising and marketing.

appintop-magAnd this approach can be… online magazine. Not blog (as now), but yes, the full online magazine about mobile, mobile development, mobile trends etc. News, articles, analytic, interviews, conference reviews- all, what mobile market needs. With journalists and managing director. And of course, translate all this to two languages.

Brand of this magazine will be used more often and in not advertising context. I say more magazines are quoted more often and their names are remembered much quicker that some business companies name. You can take “Appintop magazine” name for this magazine and save a company name and have a magazine name.

You can use this magazine as some platform to connect with new people, new teams, and, of course, new customers. You can use the magazine as some platform to additional PR (but don’t do it by the only thing).

You can invest your money in your brand, but not in the simple advert. You can collect more expertise and experience. If you collect expertise and experience and show this magazine, people (the potential customers) will associate expertise and experience with AppInTop brand.

Simple KPIs, simple (but hard) work, and very perspective format which will always be in a trend and which opportunities can be used on a miscellaneous. Do you need this?

P.S. And guys, I want to be honest – I can’t understand how you improve customers apps in Apple Store :) Ok, this is your secret, but your customers… don’t understand how your business work and this misunderstanding works… frightens off. The format of the magazine will lower this feeling.

And second. If you have the magazine, you can do everything. It’s not joke. After one is two years you will have a strong brand name and professional skills and experience you can… you know what I talk about…[/restrict]