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9 March, 2015 in Ideas , Asana (13)

Asana: Tips #1

Hi! Everybody know Asana. This is a SaaS CRM for project management. And everybody knows Slack. This is SaaS online chats for coordinating teams.

And I don’t know why Asana not released online chats functions inside this system. Many designers, programmers, managers and team leaders use Asana for task management… and use Skype are something else to connect with the team.

I try to explain this idea. I worked in many projects and see, how teams work. They use comments to task as some workplace and don’t active discus about this here. And if they need to fast checking are fast chat they use… some other online messengers (Skype, Slack, etc). Thereby, Asana has a chance to lost this user to 5 are more minutes from her system. I think, this is very big dangerous.



You can see online chat window in right down part of the screen on every page, you can use public chat are create some private channel. It’s simple, usability and helpful.

Asana will stay their users inside the system and take very important options to real-time talk with the team.

Don’t be a slowly and don’t lose this lucky chance to hold this market for you.