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23 March, 2015 in Ideas , Qiwi (1)

Qiwi: How you could win in Russia?

Visa Qiwi Wallet (Qiwi) it is the Russian company. They have more that 175 000 payment terminals in Russia and 70 mln users auditory. Competitors: Yandex.Money (have 18 billion open accounts and TNS says, that this is a most popular payment service in Russia.), WebMoney and PayPal. And right now Qiwi need to more deep growth in this country.

How can they do this?

This is my theory:

Qiwi can start a subsidiary company as an nline auction and integrate this auction in payment service Qiwi. And will give to this auction users guarantee – “Qiwi payment protected”.

qiwi-protectedYes, if you know, this is not some new idea: eBay do something similar with PayPal and give the excellent customer service in the world.

I start to talk about my idea from the end – whats real benefits? Qiwi can create a serious and strong payment brand, if they take more responsibility for their company and their sellers. Customers (and auction buyers) will see this guarantee and will be more loyalty to Qiwi brand.

More. AliExpress and eBay use Qiwi as payment service – this is perfect factor for positioning on the world markets. And this will be only positive facts to create “Qiwi payment protected” features.

And dont forget – now in Russia is economical crisis and people sell their products more and more – Qiwi will be take more marketing channels, more PR and viral effects in this auction.

If you start auctions you can invite not only customers and of course… sellers! It will be more business companys inside system and more money inside your bank account.

Dont forget – if this service can take the pre-payment options, he can take some processing tax. You can analyze current busines model by eBay and collect very useful experience.

New users, new channels, new features. And more money! Not bad, really?

Why this idea have a chance to win?

Look. Now in Russia dont have any online auctions. Yes, its true. eBay have slow growing and small amount of users only BUY something products. And i dont know any russian people, who sell on eBay. is very old service and dont have necessary options.

Only one service, can be serious – Avito. But at them isn’t present… payment service, and they I understand that can’t give a guarantee of purchases because of it.