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Competitive work: my tips for eBay

Most recently, the Russian subsidiary of eBay launched a modest competition, which I found quite by accident and prizes which have become quite interesting gifts, among them – the general director chair eBay Russia for one day. Of course, I could not pass by and offered his thoughts and options for the task. Let’s go!

Job competition №1

Many wonder why luxury brands of clothing and accessories on eBay for less than retail stores. Most users come to the conclusion that it may be a fake.

But in fact, this is misleading. After all, when the convicted seller in the sale of counterfeit goods, immediately followed by punitive measures: it is removed from eBay, and the more he was not able to register as a penalty will be charged a guaranteed deposit on PayPal. Therefore, selling fake on eBay quite profitable. In addition, customers can complain to any lot with the words “goods not substantially conform to the description,” and eBay guarantee a refund. Top brands in the category of “fashion” on eBay: Michael Kors, Timberland, Nike, Levi’s, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Victoria’s Secret, Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel.

Top brands Offline: Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Versace, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana Chanel. Only two brands in this category overlap, others are looking for off-line brand and rarely buy on eBay. And that is what needs to be fixed. Purpose: It is necessary to change the perception of the top brands in the online site eBay: convince people that brands on eBay guaranteed protected against counterfeiting and do not need to afraid to buy them. What should be changed on the website or in the communication in order to attract the next million Russian buyers in the category of top brands offline?

Decision task №1

I found several solutions to this problem. Based on the fact that the main problem formed an abundance of Chinese goods in the market fashion – consumer confidence in the seller, it begs the following options:

1. Involvement of independent persons

When it is necessary to increase the credibility of the site, the opinion of a third party that is “independent” could help. Last I take in quotes, meaning that all the same, this independence is manageable, in our case, from eBay.

Who are these third parties? Of course showbiz stars and celebrities!

Ideal in the following format:

  1. Stars sell their branded stuff through eBay;
  2. money that stars get from these sales go to charity;
  3. eBay has direct access to the information to fans of these stars by placing the latest publications in their soc. networks;
  4. Stars get their share of the lion PR from eBay;
  5. need receive money.

On the part of eBay, in this case, we can only work through the entire mechanism and make a clear sample of the stars themselves and their audiences that the company needs.

2. Run online something like “check Month”

In addition to attracting new users, it is necessary to understand the current (and new) that branded items on eBay is not just a commodity, and, indeed, an exclusive thing.

And who can best determine the quality of the product? Of course – the buyers themselves.

This event should show the client activity, and the users themselves will have to report all suspicious facts sale of counterfeit goods. It remains only to consider how customers can promo do it, but, in my experience, I would say that the negative emotions of failed purchases do not need any extra motivation and users are willing to great lengths to share their negative Seller with others.

3. Joint project with eBay Social

Did you know that eBay has its own semblance of a social network, called eBay Social? The project is a semblance of popular in the west Pinterest + the ability for users to create their own freight collection.

How to use it? It is easy – make a separate project related to branded and luxury collections, tied to events and occasions (“the publication,” “private party”, “expensive club,” etc.). Positioning – “Branded branded items at affordable prices.”

4. Addition

Involvement of the project created above fashion designers or conduct their own competition-rated users-designers who need to find and create the images because of the branded goods that are posted on eBay. Accordingly, each stage must be accompanied by a subtle explanation of the goods involved in the action are branded and are subject to the protection of eBay.

5. New “icon of trust”

Thing to create that eBay should have thought immediately after launch in Russia AliExpress. With the growth of Internet sites of Chinese products (including purchased and sold on AliExpress on eBay) highlight the need for a truly high-quality products and vendors, in my opinion, is long overdue, it is strange that this still has not come.

Remember what eBay bought PayPal? For those who have forgotten to remind:

  1. not to reinvent your payment system;
  2. to monitor payment transactions and ensure retention of funds to the seller until the buyer of the goods and verify its quality.

What did they get? One of the most reliable tools, decency which no one in the world is not in doubt. By analogy with the symbol of protection of the transaction PayPal, you can reflect on how to beat the application and use of the icon “genuine products protected by eBay».

Clarify that the icon is, of course, should work in conjunction with protection from PayPal (here’s a small step to promote the aggregator, the development of which in Russia is practically none). Note that all options with minimal investment funds. Need to work and think how to do it.

Job competition №2

The development strategy for the use of non-price business levers to create a competitive advantage.


  1. Consider non-price levels create a competitive advantage for sales growth. Prioritize a maximum of two business areas to create maximum added value for the customer and business growth.
  2. Estimate the cost of implementing and campaign and potential return on investment.

The decision of the contest №2

Non-price levels create a competitive advantage. Sounds interesting and similar to the “how to promote your online store for free.” But ok, if there is a problem, try to solve it. So, the main problem of growth and development of eBay in Russia, in my opinion – the lack of audience understanding that eBay has long been not just an American auction with second-hand things, but also a full-fledged Marketplace with really cheap goods that are sold and delivered to the Russian Federation.

And that is the positioning and direction of I think it is right to develop the Russian division.

What do you need? To begin to understand that to create a categorical competitive advantage (by which, according to the instructions, meant something very special) does not make sense. I watch the comments of existing workers in social eBay. networks, which clearly there is a clear envy the success of Chinese projects Alibaba Group.

Guys, well, what to do – you do not have the courage and strength to sell their positions at the head office and tell the truth about the main Russian – people are ready to go to low-quality clothing for $ 0.99 and wait for the delivery month, as long as the price was not biting and range. But, in most cases, is never too late to fix it.

The solution – in the right resolution positioning platform and attract even more Chinese manufacturers, as well as completion of the program protect your customers.

Yes, yes, to fill the already full of Chinese goods eBay is still a large number of Chinese goods directly from Chinese manufacturers. Do not you realize that the secret of AliExpress pricing and it is in this simple truth – they are placed manufacturers, not dealers.

Of course, the need to carefully approach this issue and make attracting new sellers most thoughtful, so as not to be moved from private sellers and dealers, manufacturers do not lose the charm of the auction, which sold submarines, husbands, and grandmothers. For example, you can make it less expensive, if you create and pushing the kind of “organization” in which the supplier is necessary to start to get on eBay….

  1. First, you arrange to all its vendors.
  2. Secondly, it will be easier to work out common rules of working conditions with them.
  3. Third, this form of cooperation will only accentuate your priority and intentions in a more dense work with China. You might also consider a quick registration on the project that will encourage them to stay on the court.

Moreover, even for B2B nobody canceled standard marketing techniques – Information Landing, which tells about your benefits and potential of your audience.

At the same time, it makes sense to strengthen the control of sellers from the court, namely, to oblige them to supplement their information page in Russian, post pictures of plants, etc.

Perhaps there is also worth considering the introduction of additional. decals for sellers, the type of “Best seller of electronics”, “The best seller of clothing,” etc. All this affects the user experience and more naturally revitalizes stores that are often impersonal. The second direction that is necessary to strengthen eBay – the positioning of the site as a service to sell things from a normal user to ordinary users.

What to do? Exploit the potential of the main page, which currently does not quite clear the functions allocated to it on the main unit, where each day will post pictures of the living Seller and his goods, as well as some intriguing lyrics, like “I’m selling Xbox 3 my husband! “.

I am sure that will have to revise the procedure for adding an item on the site (design and usability) and make it easier and faster. Conclusion earned from the sale of assets – not just PayPal, but Qiwi, which are just beginning to close cooperation – it is at times to increase the number of people willing to earn real money by selling their things, not only with Avito.

The third area that may need to be amplified – a close partnership with Vkontakte, as It was there, in my opinion, focused and target potential audience eBay. How – honestly, but do not know yet, but I’m sure that one, but there is a serious campaign more effective than 10 campaigns elsewhere.

The fourth line

Moreover, on the basis of the above, about the expansion of positioning, it makes sense to introduce in eBay deeper function of user recommendations, which can be collected through a special page designer with the suggestive “life” issues for customers, such as “What are the categories of goods you are interested in this month?” ie eBay as a platform to promote the sale of goods for all occasions and to which it makes sense to call periodically to check for your product.

Make this designer more dynamic, constantly expands and adapts to seasonality. Once a month, users send a proposal to review their requirements in the constructor and plan new interests.

This it is possible to try to tie the user to the service. In addition, there is a need to evaluate the effectiveness of the main page of the auction in the Russian Federation and to understand whether it satisfies all demands of people. Strange, but I have a suspicion that it has a low conversion rates.

While this is all thoughts on the competition. What would you add?

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Most recently, the Russian subsidiary of eBay launched a modest competition, which I found quite by accident and prizes which have become quite interesting gifts, among them – the general director chair eBay Russia for one day. Of course, I could not pass by and offered his thoughts and options for the task. Let’s go! […]