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11 January, 2017 in Blog

Why Super Mario doesn’t Run?

Hello, everyone! I was very happy when I received an email about Super Marion Run launch. I threw all my things and run to download this game. I played 2 minutes in this game and… deleted it.

Why Super Mario Run failed?

There some reasons why I deleted it and why this game has 1,5-star reviews.

  1. Wrong concept. All users remember Mario like a little red guy in blue panties who can move backward/forward, jump and flight with the cloak. What’s here? Mario run only forward and there no way to stop it. You can’t come back and check something – run, run, only run!
  2. One tap playing. Hey, Nintendo team, do you think Mario fans so lazy and they want to play in this game with one finger? For people, who played in this game in young age, used a joysticks and share the cheat-codes “from mouth to mouth”. And yes, Mario is not Sonic!
  3. Unnecessary extra options. Gather coins and Toads? Seriously? There only ONE goal in classic Mario – save the Princess and defeat Bowser.

You make all this mistake and this is a result of your overconfidence.