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7 January, 2017 in Ideas , Asana (13)

Asana: new (old) portion of recommendations


Hello, Asana team! So many times have passed since my latest posts about your product. How are you? Today I publish a new portion of my new thoughts about your task-manager. This tips help you to grow users loyalty and simplify their work with Asana. There some list of your problems which I found.

No way to communication

Guys, you are the wonderful team. But, look. Slack, Skype… Do you scare this names? I think yes, if not – you are stubborn. Look in the eyes of truth – these products have a million users (include your users too) and they give an opportunity to connect people. Understand that many asana users use this product to communicate with each other. And you know what? They are happy to use it.

This is a big black hole in your loyality program

I wrote about this one year ago and… what? Your users need a simple chat to speak “person-to-person” or groups – this is base in any team work. You still not have it.

Group responsibility for the task

What is Asana? This is group tools which help teamwork and organize it. And you now what? In the current version, if your product this options… missing! You can assign only… ONE member to task. But everybody knows many cases and tasks with group works when many members work on one task.

Yes, I know about “Assign Copies” option. But when you use it, Asana make a copy of current task and assign it to the second member. Wo-ala – you have two same tasks with to different members. If you are a project manager in which task you should write comments? And what if there more than two responsible? Should you make 3-4-5 same tasks?

“Followers”. Doesn’t works for this goal. This options work for notifications, not for identification about responsibilities.

Particularly strong this option needs when you work with “My task” option which shows you all task assigned personally to you. And what should do other members who work on the same task?

No way to check task progress

Next problem. Any project manager want to check how his tasks run. His want to know how his team spent their time in each task. And now there no way to check this in task in Asana.

Deadline is the greatest invention but it work when it come :) And when it comes you change nothing. And my thougths is that you should control tasks in their progress, not in the finish.

You can resolve this trouble very quickly. Asana users should use “25%”, “30%”, “50%” for each task and Asana can recognize this tags as progress status for task.

Also, this option can very helpful for managers who use parent-tasks (when they create a task with “:”) – progress from sub-tasks could stack with parent-task and show common progress for all sprint.

Where is the user roles?

You can find a members who define/assign/make/control/check/approve tasks in each team. And there many steps and time from ideas on the deck to tools on the site. And there no options to controls users and groups roles inside one project in Asana.

This is a task manager for team. Every team have a managers, team leads, developers etc… What’s happen when somebody change (intentionally or unintentionally) the task in Asana? If you have a small team there is no problem – you speak with member and explain that this is a bad idea to change something. But if you work in big team (50+ members) it will be a big problem for you.

“Private task”? Doesn’t work for this goal and have a hidden complications. So, other members can’t see this task and they know nothing about what thier team working about. They don’t have a chance to give some useful tips.