Привет, меня зовут Миролюбов Владимир
Я очень интересуюсь продакт-менеджментом и бизнесом.
В своем блоге я делюсь разными идеями и мыслями на этот счет. Больше обо мне тут.
20 November, 2016 in Blog

What I did in 2016 year

Many people ask me what I did all this year. Answer – works and grow the new product.

At the beginning of 2016 I received an invitation to work in investment fund admitad invest, where I chair (influence marketing platform in Russia) and which I grew from “zero stage”. We are the official partner of Youtube and Instagram and now we have more than 4000+ bloggers on contract. You can check what this product about on the website. Here I want to share some tips which I found in this project.

Restrictions – welcome

We open an access to blogger base only after advertisers create an advert offer. No any “Can I check your base before creating campaign?” Offer is most important things in advert – proper and clean task for blogger. We also help the advertiser to understand his goals – this increases an advert quality.

Pre-moderation – useful

Don’t worry about any moderation time – this is most useful things if you work like the mediator between advertisers and bloggers. We (and our sales team) also have a perfect way to contact with each of the parties. You also show a desire to help you and grow loyalty for your users.

Algorithms and psychology – dangerous mix

I understand this idea from our team lead Ivan (his is the russian hacker). We love to dispute about what is first in products – technology or psychology. And after long time talks, we understand that most correct way to use this thing is … use it both! We use recommendation algorithms and also give tools to manual choose some options for users.

Our global EPICSTARS goals? Russia, Europe and, of course, upset Google about his Famebit deal :)

Have a great day!