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1 May, 2016 in Blog

Big InstaFail: Rainbow washing machine

As you know, Instagram updated his design in May 2016. New logo, new user interface and “new” concept of design. You think this is a great idea, new breathe etc? Ok, let’s check this things.
This is how it look like now. New Instagram logo. Looks like a rainbow washing machine

Hmmm… Damn, what is f***ing this? Really, I can’t understand this. At first time, I thought this is my personal dislike, but after two weeks I felt that not.
SO MANY people can’t understand this too.

Two or three stars and 90% of negative reviews (more than 10’000). I don’t know what should be more informative for Instagram team. Users don’t like this rainbow style and they really can’t imagine what does this style means.

This is not only my opinion, this is not my guesswork, this is FACTS!

Millions people use Instagram app and all this people get used to it. And I think “rainbow style” is very hard to visual perception for many people.

I think Instagram designers (guys, who create this) and managers (who approve this) don’t understand what they do and how big their responsibility to this people. Guys, do you really think about… Jesus i don’t know what do you think about and what explanation you found for this style. And I can’t find no one reason to this global visual changes. Oh, no, I know one.

There is my favorite proverb:

No ideas what you could make better in your product? Make the redesign!

I wrote about some perspective features to Instagram in my blog. For example — why they don’t create a features to upload and share panoramas photo? This is popular way to create a great shoots and many people do this but they don’t have any app to share this photo. But yes, new logo is more important and interesting to fun than users needs.

And you know what? I think, they never turn on time back machine and return previous design. This is a new Instagram logo and you SHOULD remember it! You have no voice and you SHOULD use our app!

Because they can’t admit mistakes and fix it. This is the most common mistake in Silicon Valley.

How to fix it? Easy. Just say:

“OK, we heard you, our favorite users, and we will return previous version for you, because all, what we do, we do only for you”.

That’s all. And I don’t know why they can’t…