Привет, меня зовут Миролюбов Владимир
Я очень интересуюсь продакт-менеджментом и бизнесом.
В своем блоге я делюсь разными идеями и мыслями на этот счет. Больше обо мне тут.
14 October, 2015 in Blog , Product Management (7)

There two way to product grow

Hi, everybody! I’m live in San Francisco now and you know what? There two ways how Americans startups grow.

Effective grow

They understand their main goals and user needs and they really grow their product. Their build new functions and update current functionality.

“Effective” grow

They can’t understand their main goals and users needs and they pretended that they grow the product. They make re-design and don’t do something new and helpful for users. Or build new no one needed functions and think that they make a new market. It’s so funny to see how people with serious faces make baby mistakes :)