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16 October, 2015 in Ideas , medium (1)

Medium: Grow in to the real big article data base

Hey, Medium! How are you? Hope, fine! I saw your last update – looks really good. Today I have some ideas for you.

Let’s go!

Do you want to grow? I mean grow like a serious startup. Strong, powerfully and in arithmetic progression. How can you do this? Of course, not via updating your interface because this decision helps to hold your current users and if you want to grow you need to improve new users (I invented a new term for new users – fresh fish). And you should have a good bait for this. And like a smart fisherman, you could fishing in the place when fish ready to be caught.

Let’s check this place. How about Pocket and Instapaper? Yeah! Their users like to read articles, they collect most powerful posts and… they want to share their finds to other people and see how these people react on their activities. More – as you know, this is a part of social communication – I want to read what my friends read.

You already have tools for writing and importing posts. And you could expand your functionality, give some public library functions. Yes, exactly like on Pocket or Instapaper. With full texts and source link (like you have just right now). It’s strange because you have this tools, but you are not promoting this tools. Why? Do you scare by copyright law? Come on – use obligatory source link for each imported posts – your personal responsibilities will be protected. (And open this link for search system – now they have “no follow” attribute).

Your audience likes quality content and they want to read it on your site. No problem – you can use any saved post, analyzed and use in some another tool (recommendations, ratings, etc). Why do you not use the full potential of your capabilities?

Just imagine – everybody could save and read any posts or articles on Medium. The great public articles library created by users. Collected by genre and types. Is it your concept? Or you still want to be an only a nice visual editor?

People want to read more. They want more quality posts, founded by other people. They want to save most interesting posts and read in again. In one place. And this is a most powerful way to grow and improve new target audience for you. And you have a chance become one place, which generate the best content and which collect the best content.

The best solution is always on the surface. Be the first.

P.S. Look on Dropbox. These guys do something real big and serious without any fear (I mean their last release Paper).