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13 October, 2015 in Ideas , Asana (13)

Asana: how to build and plan road map?

Hey, Asana! This is a good time for new tips for you! And I will be very quickly.

Every product uses a roadmap. For people, who don’t know what is this, this is some tasks(or goals) list, which placed on the timeline. It’s helpful for planning and for build real strong strategy for development, marketing and another team. I think, you agree with me and approve this important point for each online (and offline) service, products or companies.

And every roadmap should have two important things (include description, sub-tasks, members, etc):

  1. date of start;
  2. due date;

You have second… but you don’t have date start for your task.

How could managers plan future team tasks? How will all members know about date of start? Do they receive any notifications?

There… no way to schedule users tasks to the future and make some roadmap right now.