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30 September, 2015 in Blog , Blog (42)

Meet apps: How it could be more helpful for users

Few days ago one man contacted me, and he ask me about feedback about his startup. He has an iOS app, which makes people video meetings and I promised to give some feedback and share my ideas about this services.

You know, I speak “Sorry, but…” very often. Because I have a critical mind and each idea I call into question. Because this is a correct way to make good decisions and developed like the strong company from the very beginning. Without any blank shot. And I want to say “Sorry” if some of this thought will be too uncomfortable.

Ok. Meet. Very hot subject (like messengers apps few years ago). Before I will talk about my ideas, I want to explain something.

Why do people use apps for the meet? Of course, they want to meet. Most important thing – they want to meet and they use the app before.

There two stages:

  1. Meet in the app.
  2. Meet in life.

It’s easy, you don’t need to greeting and create a some greeting phrase. Few clicks and you could be friends. And also, you have some intrigue, some feeling inside your heart or butterflies in your tummy. Try to remember your first love. Passionate minutes of waiting, the anticipation of the meet. And users could lose this if they will use video call. And my thoughts – there should be no any middle connections between users.

And video call… This is not a resolve a user problem because… they don’t have this problem – every modern man has Skype, WhatApp, Viber, etc. And users could exchange of this contacts.

Second thing

What is the reason, why people use is an app? Let’s try to think about this in terms of psychology.

I think, they have many reasons, but most important is:

  1. They want to choose a candidate without any pre-contact with this man. Tinder success approved this thought.
  2. And they are afraid of being rejected by on the “face to face” meet. “Face to face” in the real life or on the web – it’s not important. Tinder success approved this thought.

And all meeting app should resolve only these goals. If I want to meet with some girls via web, of course, I will use some chat to contact with her before. Because I want to know her more and maybe I don’t want to show myself in the beginning (by using video calls).

We already have Tinder and some other meeting apps. If you want to create something new, you should think about how you can resolve these goals and do something more.

What more

What have Tinder and other apps? Recommendations to meeting. Good algorithm, geo-location, ideal UI. But how about something more? Let’s try to understand users goals.

What women’s want? This is a good question and nobody know the answer on this question (even women’s). What men’s want? The same question and the same answer. There many reasons about why they search discoveries or partners in meet apps.

But you could resolve this question and you don’t need to think about all their goals. You could add a very short description to person profile (like status) about what user want. “Show me Paris this night“, “Walking with me“, “Who love Titanic movie?“, “How about the club tonight?“.

It’s easy – you see what user want and you feel how you can satisfy his needs.

Add some categories (maybe not, but how to simplify the search by this status?), add the map and some users pointers and you can see, what other people want. If you want to save your clear interface, you could use this option only for premium users (people, who already know your interface and want more).

Be honest – all people follow their personal goals. Men’s, women’s – it’s not important. Most important – help to implement their goals.