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24 September, 2015 in Ideas , features (6), Microsoft (2)

Microsoft, your feature could be a stunning for all

Hey, Microsoft! I can’t believe, but I write a tip for you right now. Because I’m your fan. I have a thousand opportunities change PC on Mac, but I never I never do this. I used all your main products starting from Windows 95. I tested each your system (even Windows Longhorn). Can you guess, what is my favorite version of Windows? You will never guess – this is Windows ME (Millennium).

Oh, it was an amazing time – I converted all my CD library in yours .WAV’s via Media Player and compose my personal playlists. I also remember your Movie Maker – it was my first experience with creating trailers for my favorite movies. And I ready to pay big money to restore this lost files and watch my videos again. Clear interface, “user atmosphere”, cool apps – I really like Windows ME for this.

And today I have some advice for you. In the first time, I want to ask you something. What is your latest main benefit in Windows? I mean not a stable system work (it’s strange to proud this in 21 century), not a user interface (which someone call “questionable” and maybe it can be a true), not a something like free cost.

I told about something really easy, clean and useful. Do you have something similar? What feature your users should use in Windows? Which feature should they discuss? I want to be honest – the last theme, what we talking about with my friends was your spy activity in Windows 10. Not her freemium model. Not her fast work. Her dark side. And this is true. You already know about marketing more, than I, and you know, that journalists want to “eat” something “hot” every time. And you gave them this food.

And I think, in your chase to something, you forget about your users. About something, what could help them using your product. Something, that will simplify their lives. And what they can talk about with their friends.

Do you want to grow increase users connection? I mean user connection with and into the Windows. Do you need more positive posts about you? Do you want to all magazines, blogs and TV told about you?  I have some tip for you!

Ok, let’s go to something specific. How your users connected with Windows now? Standard set: keyboard, mouse, monitor. But what people do more than everything else? People speak. People speak with other people all their life. This is the main way to communication between all humans on this planet. Everybody do this.

Check all fantastic movies. Interstellar, for example. How cosmonauts communicate with their ship computer? By voice. No mouses, no keyboards – just voice command. Yes, I understand, that this is only a movie and nobody have an AI in our world (and this is so sad).

BUT. Why you never try to do this? Maybe I wrong, but… look at your competitors. Google – they have a voice search in a Chrome. Apple – they have a Siri and some service for voice typing. This is a good feature and I use it when my hands is busy. And they grow these products every month.

And don’t forget – modern user use their mobile often. But more often they use their computers (on the work or home). And why Windows don’t use a voice communication inside the system? What is the reason?

This is my thought – you could create some voice controller app. And this commands should be personal for users. No universal phrases and commands. Nobody wants to learn something. Users should be in personal touch with PC. Give each user to opportunities to teach his PC what he should do.

The user could assign voice command on every app, every file, and folder. “Open”, “Hide”, “Quiet” “Select”, “Play”, “Dropbox”, “Photoshop”, “Pencil” and other command and actions – you have a many variations to use this feature.

Replace your right mouse button on your voice

More. Every PC program has a shortcuts and hotkeys. And you can use this combination for your voice app. It’s great – you have ready-made templates, which you could use for user voice commands. And your online app also could check active program window in Windows and help users to use this app.

You could use this online application in your Windows, which could repeat all user commands and approve it. After some time, this command could be done without any repeat. Self-learning  online app – sounds pretty good, right?

More. You can create a voices library for some system answers. Users want to choose voice system style. Users want to hear different variations of voice. It helps to get used to new features and you minimize users feelings about a connection with a boring computer.

Forget about any names like “Siri” or “Ok, Google” in each user command. You can use this “Windows, _____” phrase only for first system learning. After this learning, Windows should recognize the users intonation of the command, rather than listen to the message on his “name”.

And I believe, that it is the intonation is correct key to recognition details of user commands.

More, then 40% of the world population has an internet connection. It’s an easy way to creating some online app and use this voice options only when a user has active online connection. And you can collect more information and send it on your server (somebody say, you do this right now in Windows 10) for learning your app and improve it. Thousands and thunderheads variations of voice command for everything actions. Amazing!

You are first guys, who started this IT-life around the world. I can say – all other IT-companies is just an additional to your system because final customer has a table with Windows PC. And you should be continued what you started more than 30 years ago. Surprise people! It could be a year main theme in IT (or in the world, who know).

Maybe this is a good time to do this? And you have all opportunities for this.