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22 September, 2015 in Ideas , Quizlet (1)

Quizlet: 10 tips about how to grow up

Hey, Quizlet! At the first, I want to say “thank you” – you have a really great app for learning any language. Especially, I want to say “thank you” for your flash cards. I never seen so clean and useful iOS flash cards before. And you release a manual adding cards and class features. It’s really awesome and you go on the right way – best content generate only by users, which use this content. Bravo! Today I want to talk about your learning language features and how you can grow up it.

Ok. You have a users. Many users. From different  countries. With different ages and languages. With different temper and skills. With different goals of learning language (somebody learn language for studying, somebody for the new job, somebody for traveling). But with one mutual goal – learning language. This is a main target of all people, who want this (and I’m too). Great – we found a users need. But it’s too hard to think about this without any users portrait, but I try to do this.

How you can satisfaction their needs? You already did this: learns, flash cards, classes, tests! Wow!!! This is awesome list of features, which really useful for users. Congratulation – you feel your users needs very well.

How to grow up this features? You already did this: you adding “Create a Study set” with “Visible to everyone” button. Let’s talk about this.

Users can add some content and other users can see on it – and this is great way to users communications. But you forget about something important. Any communication works only when people (users) see each other. This is people relationships and we are the beings, which need to communicate. Why you didn’t show their interconnections in preview? In the search results, for example. I found this frame only on “Info” tab.

If you also show this frame and on the preview screens too, users will see each other and feel some communications and connected to some Sets more quickly. Also, this is the way to show more activity in your project.

More. You could adding some evaluation system (rating with five stars) for current “Study Sets”. Users (creators) need some motivation to be best between other creators (and this is not only about “who have more followers”). And how they can see any reactions on their sets? Now – nothing. Also, this feature will be helpful for something else. Read next.


And every day this content grows more and more. And users should use only quality and relevant content, right? How you could organize your content?

  1. You could add the tags to Sets. Its simple and easy. And this is really right way to organize and sort your content by type. Your users (and content managers) say “thank you” for this.
  2. Where is the “Sets” recommendations on the Home page? Of course, each quality content should be recommended to users. Back to my thought about some 5 stars rating. I think, “tags” + “5 start rating” should help to automatize this recommendations more easy.
  3. Or you could create something like “Sets by Quizlet”. Your content team (do you have content managers?) should search and find some really great sets and compose some collections for your users.
  4. Do you collect statistic about learned words from users? Your tech. system can help you to find most popular words, collect it in some sets for you content manager review. What do next? Recommend them!

My thoughts – you have a big content data base. It’s really good thing. And now is time to do this data base more quality and more useful. And your quality content will promote himself and your service.


Before this, I try to understand something. Your class is online analogue of real school classes? If answer is “yes”, you should think about this:

  1. Where is the main leaderbord? I mean, not leaderbord in your games. Each class (in school or in university) have a members, who want to be first. And everybody see this members! It’s time to big competition and prime!
  2. Where is the class discuss? Students like to talk. About learning, about the life, about everything. This is increase a users “dive” into your product.
  3. Where is the card discuss? What happen, when student have a question about some flash card? Can he ask someone about explanation? Or request an phrase example for this word? No. Explanation grow up your content quality twice as much.


How I can check my personal statistic? I think, users want to know about how many new words they knew. And I think, they want to check progress and see how is their learning effective.

How many inactive accounts do you have? I mean,  users, who registered on your site and leave. I don’t know. But I know, that you don’t have any personalization. I mean, you have a global market services and you should grow on global markets. And different users should see and use different information. Even if you are universal platform.

Hope, this tips will be helpful for you! Have a good day and does not slow down the pace!