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23 September, 2015 in Ideas , Asana (13), features (6)

Asana search: how to grow up the main function

Hello, Asana! How are you? Yesterday, I read interesting post “Evernote, The First Dead Unicorn” by Josh Dickson, Founder at Syrah. Josh tried to explain why big companies stay on high risk zone. And I absolutely agree with him.

As you know, many people from IT-world (and from San Francisco too) think about your service and why you didn’t use some similar functions like in other apps. For example, try to search your product name on Quora and you will understand what I talking about. So many good question and no answers.

Let’s back to Josh post. He told about big companies and their most popular trouble – bureaucracy. Bureaucracy kill perspective ideas, which could me a future of your company. Bureaucracy stop any product developing and slow the grow. What does it mean for IT company? After sometime, every company have a chance to lose their customers. I hope, you will never know something about this and therefore, I write some tips for you.

But what happens with Evernote now? They have customer churn and weird list of services. I stopped to using Evernote more then two years ago, because their main function works not good and many users told about this problem many times. And now they have what they have.

Ok, let’s talk about your features. At first, I should check something. You are the project management system. Your users use your service to organize their work process. Startups, small business, companies – you have very big audience and this is great. But do you know what does your users work processes included? Yes, you have all important things for your users, but do you feel a real users needs? I think – no. And if you have answers on this two questions, I will bring my word back.

  1. How I can orginize my files inside project?
  2. How I can search some files inside project?

Ok, may be I’m mistake, but this is how I see my “Attachments” tab.


I wrote about this problem in my previous post for Quizlet company – all content should be organized and have a sort option. How users could organize their files here? No way. It just a tile view? Yes. Do you hired a Windows 8 UI designer? :) If yes, you should know, than Windows 8 was been recognized unsuccessful. Why tiles and why users can’t change this view mode? Why they could sort files by dates, types, task, names, etc? It’s basics of any file storage that stores more than three files.


Go next. How users could find a file from completed task, which made three months ago? No way. Really – you also couldn’t find any files, even in active task.  Because your search doesn’t for for files. But people search files every day, especially, when they use some SaaS services. Especially, when they work in project management system. Especially, when they heave a web projects.

I also want to say about version control in Dropbox and how it can work in Asana via Dropbox API. This is very easy options to bring your file back and I know so many friends (especially, this is a womans), who lost their files content and want to restore it. You can be a friend with your competitor and use it for yourself.

Files is the most important things in IT, do you agree? Images, doc’s, .ZIP – any files is the important things for IT and web. And you are IT and web company. And most part of your customer from IT and web. You should remember about this.