Привет, меня зовут Миролюбов Владимир
Я очень интересуюсь продакт-менеджментом и бизнесом.
В своем блоге я делюсь разными идеями и мыслями на этот счет. Больше обо мне тут.
21 August, 2015 in Blog

Added payment Membership on this blog

Hello, everybody! Today I have some news for all readers (hey, product and project managers, CEO’s and other guys, who love IT and web) and which read my blog.

As you know, I also love to generate and share some ideas for IT-companies and startups. It’s really helpful and useful tips about business and user experience. I posted many articles for companies as Asana, Google, Instagram, Dropbox. Not all, but many my ideas were developed in their next releases and I very happy, what I can do companies and users life a little better.

I told my readers not just because I want to boast – no (ok, ok, but and for this too). I mean, many people who send me emails or invites on meetings, we talk not only about their business. These people give me some tips too and I want to say big “thank you” for this guys.

Last week ago I had some interesting meet in San Francisco. As usually, I share some ideas for IT-company (sorry, it’s really interesting ideas, but, damn, f****n NDA and I can’t say for which company). At the end of our meet, we spoke about my blog and this businessman (it was a serious businessman) asked me about monetization my ideas. I was little wondering because two hours ago he gave me a check with $$$ before we agreed about a consultation.

I asked him about: “But this is your check. This is money. What more?” . And all, what he say is “Sell yourself more, Vlad”.

These two words stay in my head on all this week. I think about this too much and I’m sure, I found a right decision. Useful and valuable ideas cost money, do you agree?

From today, I start a one-year membership on this blog. I warn in advance, that I try to think about optimal way, price and how to do this. And I think a correct way is to use three subscription plans. Something like this:

[restrict]Wow, congratulation’s, you have a Membership status![/restrict]

This is a small description about 1-year Membership and benefits:

One year membership access

Yes, let re-made this blog in some closed club of people, who want to grow their products most effectively. And let’s limit this people value.


  • You can read all posts form in my blog (I hide some part of the post from public view).
  • You can send a request to me and I will give feedback for your product. Please, read an Agreement.

I try to consider all my target and goals, to save all content as public for you and I hope, this features will be helpful for all of us!

P.S. At last, I can hire some English translator, who will help me write my post more correctly. All for you and with your help!