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1 September, 2015 in Ideas , Asana (13)

Asana: User notification’s and how it could be better

Good morning, @Asana! How are you? What’s new? Hey guys, can you guess, where am I now? Yeah, I’m in San Francisco!

Ok, as usually, I want to tell about your service and some features, which 100% will be helpful for your users.

Ok. Small agenda. Now I’m work’s in a small startup in SF. We have a little team with 5 members, three of them are working in another city. We organize our work process… of course in Asana! And we really like to work. So much, that sometimes we forget all about around us. Even about connections in the team.

And what’s happen, when someone receive task, comment or mentioned in Asana? Little green or orange dot opposite “Project name”? Or in “My Task”. That’s it all? And how about people, who works in another window (or some desktop application) and who check Asana very rarely? Or who like we, work hard and don’t check anything?

And if these users received new task or changes to current work, what they need to do? Oh, yeah, you have email notification’s right? Or “if people have something important, they will use some chats or messenger”, right? No problem, but you lost your user connection point. That is the reason why you created Conversations.

Ok, leave the questions. This is a simple way to help your user stay tuned with Asana:


Hello from Google Chrome! Just one thing and see, how it helpful.  And why task manager #1 in the world don’t use this features I really don’t know…