Привет, меня зовут Миролюбов Владимир
Я очень интересуюсь продакт-менеджментом и бизнесом.
В своем блоге я делюсь разными идеями и мыслями на этот счет. Больше обо мне тут.
17 August, 2015 in Ideas , Instagram (1)

Instagram and one of the most popular features

Hey, Instagram! How are you? How many photos do you have now? One billion? I think, once, you need to copy all your photos (is it your photos, right?) and launch this device in space. Yea, let alien civilizations learn, how we lives in our tiny world. Ok, ok, I’m just joke. How about something serious?

People like shoot the photo. They shoot all, what they see. Interesting or not – this is a subjective question and I don’t want to think about this. But how about something, what can do everything from this people – … shooting panorama photos? I think you agree with me – many people shoot nature, city’s, etc.

Why don’t you have uploading options for panoramic photos? This photo is very interesting and unusual. And this is, I don’t know, little discovery for users, who see on panoramic photos.

You know, when I wrote this post I found something. Damn, just see on your “contributor” – for example on Instpan app. It’s amazing and really, really useful!

Guys, you are #1 photo service in the world and you forget about panoramic. How?