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24 July, 2015 in Blog, Questions , Blog (42)

How to organize our project files?

Thanks for your interesting questions about startups, guys! If you have one – send me an email and I’ll try to answer on it.

There easy way to organize your files and I have little tips for you today. I want to show you how you can organize your project files. Simple and useful. And, of course, only in Dropbox. I’m a supporter of SaaS-business office practice. Slack, Asana (I dream about time when Asana adds some features, which have Slack), Dropbox. It’s easy and really helpful for all teams. You can save money and time and what do you need more? )

Ok, the quick view on this picture and go to read my annotation. Click to open in new window.


As you see, for quick understanding this scheme I compose all folders in three levels.

1 level

This is global project folders. For example Design, Tech, Marketing, etc… Each team member can use folders, where he work. In this picture, i show an example for the design team.

2 level

Most important folders. This folder never should be edited, moved and deleted.

  • Sources & Doc’s. This folder has all original, finished and approved files and all project documentation (manuals, technical documentation, etc). Files will not be edited and deleted (exclude by project managers).
  • In work. Have a minimum three sub-folder:
    • Today files (3 level). All files, with which team working today. Its useful, when you work with the small team and members use files made from other members.
    • Weekly files (3 level). Copied at the end of each week from “Today files”. Contains all worked (drafts, examples, comps, etc) files, sorted by custom types and date(!).
    • Another folder type. Sorting by sub-project names.
  • Completed. All completed (approved or still not) works. Useful for quick access and files checking.
  • Storage. All files, which associated with works. Can be sorted by types or other. Don’t turn this folder in a dump!
  • Members folders. Special folders for every team members. Each member saved his worked files in his folders.
  • Archives. You can use this folder as a backup folder.

3 level

All sub-folders, which contains other types of folders.

As you see, this files architecture is very simple. Every member knows where is some type of files placed and intuitive know, how to organize next file creation.

Have any ideas or tips? Welcome to comments!

Have a nice day!