Привет, меня зовут Миролюбов Владимир
Я очень интересуюсь продакт-менеджментом и бизнесом.
В своем блоге я делюсь разными идеями и мыслями на этот счет. Больше обо мне тут.
15 June, 2015 in Blog , Blog (42)

Wow, we are in America now!

Hi, there! I took some time-out in my blogging, because… yes, we did it! Now me and my family are a permanent resident of United States.

We had a little trip by New York and now we live in San Francisco. Damn, we are in San Francisco! If somebody say me this phrase one year ago, I wouldn’t believe this man and only smiling. But now we are here, we rent a new home for us and I found little work for me (about this a little later).

What are we feeling? We are surprised, impressed and happy. All is a new for us. People, laws, stores, services, etc. ALL. Just to present (if you are American), that you traveled in… England, for example. What do you know about England? What do you know about medicine in England? Insurance? Tax? Child education? Which spoon can you mix you tea? How long time you need to talk with your neighbor? Latest questions are joke :)

When you traveled, you know, that after some time you will back in your country. And you don’t think about this moment. For us… I don’t know. We left from our country and we don’t have any plans to back in USSR (yes, I know the new name of my previous country as Russian Federation).

As you can see, we have very many questions. Of course, we search (and found) answers. And you know… it’s not hard. Answers on many questions we found only by… logical. I swear, in no country you can find so many logical and intuitive tips and moments as in America. Maybe American citizens don’t see it, because they are got used to it, but all is very helpful.

All is very useful. You don’t need to go in many citizen departments – all information you can find on government sites. This information is not for “just to be” – it very organized and understanding. On this sites, you can apply any forms and ask any question about all services. And you know, if this is not a federal service or department, in this day you receive your answer. Now, I’m in searching some school for my daughter and visited this school at lunch. It is closed on yearly repairing. Of course, no school stuff inside, only repairmen’s. Phone have no answers too. I wrote an email and after three hours I get an answer. On Friday.

More. It looks like a strange, but we ceased to be afraid a people (as in Russia) and we like to smile to people. What is necessary from your life?