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15 August, 2015 in Ideas , Google (2)

Google, how about start your Mission Control Center?

Of course, I mean not really Mission Control Center for space flying (but, however). Simple named is Google Center. I try to explain why I named this new features like this. Also, I try to explain my vision of Google service use.

What of the most favorite (and helpful) Google services? I think, its Google Search, Gmail, Calendar, and Hangouts. If not, I’m sure, that this service set (it’s important) is very strong power. I say important because users use this or analog service (example, Skype, Outlook, etc).

Why? Why they use Google services? Does they use only one service or more? If one, why they didn’t use other? Many questions, many opinions, many answers. Many, many, many… Stop! Many?

Google, you are great – you have very many services for other people. But do you think about one thing – people likes useful and functionality services. You have this. People like popularity services. You have this. Mobile, responsive, etc. You have this. But some people want to try something new. It’s natural human need. And this is a big threat for any product and services.

How to hold the customer? This is a question #1 in all the world. Some company save his traditional and stay conservative, somebody improvises and try something new all the time. Someone win, someone loses. But I think if you have so many services and subproducts, you need to use their integrated power.

Look at this picture. This is some Google Center:


Users, which use Gmail also can use and other services too. Just see – it’s really useful. Did you know (sure, that you now), that every modern user start his day with opening email window? How about start his day with many services, which help users to spend this day?

Yes, I’m a not perfect web-designer (but I try to be him), but it looks like interesting. Many other services and startups try to do something similar and, as you know, some services do it successful.

This panel is mobile and adjusted – if people don’t want to read Google News, they can change this frame to the Google Keep (for example).

By means of force of several products in “one” Google can to increase the general power to the both separate products, and all brand, in general, increase new Google users in their products and just do users life more simple. Think about this.


Also, it can be some feature for Google Chrome start page. But I think, Google need to show search results in the new window if they will use this features.

Have a nice day!