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3 June, 2015 in Ideas , Slack (1)

Slack, what are you waiting for?


Hi, Slack! Thanks for your service – this is the best way to communicate with teams. Simple, easy, useful – really great! I know many friends, who use Slack as team messenger every day and leaving from Skype to yours.

Because of this, I have some question –

do you think about creating some global messenger features? Not private channel with current users, but a full messenger for user-to-user outside the projects. Yes, you take away a big group of users from Skype to Slack, but many users to continue to use Skype for connection with different users. Many managers, programmers, etc use Skype to connection with other users. And you lost your users in this moments…

Just see the image. Users can use Project contacts (this is users, which added in Channels) and you can use global contacts (this is people, which added in your contact list). Of course, if your friend added in your global contact list and in project channels too, Slack showing his name in project contacts first.

A general list of contacts will help Slack users to stay tuned and communicate with other friends, colleagues around the world. This about your users. Something prompts to me that you will arrive at it sooner or later. You on the wave now, so why not to make it now?