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11 August, 2015 in Ideas , Asana (13)

Asana: New web-design concept

Every product manager shall be a web-designer. Some famous Man saw:

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

And I’m absolutely agree with this Man. Why? Because design it is real “how it work”. Design show our targets and how you can reach there. Design allow to think about other features and make your product closer to you and your customers.

Today I want to show something more.

Something very powerful and… useful. Something, that can make work many project teams more easy and effective.

This is my Asana web design concept (design updated)

(Click and zoom in new tab):


Clean and simple as usually. Why I did this? After last updates, I found many non-logical decisions in Asana user interface.


  1. Why you create a horizontal frame in the header with “My task” and “My Inbox” links? Why do people need to see this link on all pages? Ok, “My tasks” is a very famous link for performers, but task list zone in left screen side. Why “My tasks” not nearby with other projects? This is a tasks list? Yes. It will be nearby with other projects, but always №1.
  2. Global search? How many users use this option now?
  3. Why you move… workspace frame in right screen part in… header? Now you have THREE activity zone in the interface: left, header and right. And they have different features goals. More, every user remembers by last interface version, that the left side of the screen is only for workspace and projects. Why you separated these zones?
  4. Etc…

What’s new:

  1. I try to place your new features “Conversations” in this concept. I think, if this is a messenger, it need separate screen. It’s more useful and visually, especially, when you need to see your task and discuss it.
  2. More, I draw nested conversations, because if you create a lite-team-messenger, you will be ready to teams, which like to flood. It has a horizontal effect scrolling (I mean you can click on the left mouse button, hold and move inside the conversations).
  3. This is a new nested comment system when users can talk about the task and everything that is connected to it. As you see, you even can find time for a joke now.
  4. Of course, it works and for subtasks too. You see your global goals and see every step, which you go to them on the one screen.
  5. More, when you start a conversation or subtask, there is a sense to darken inactive part of the screen (tasks list).
  6. You can pin most favorite messages in the header of conversation.
  7. Also, i carried out the frame of activity (“Task activity”) in the separate unit without comments (Conversation).
  8. Also, I added “% complete” tag. You can use this tag, which Asana converted in the simple progress bar, which showing task progress completing (I wrote about this in my previous post).
  9. Completed task. Whether there is a sense to hide them directly from the project after clicking “Done”? The gold rule for every team – members need to see not only goals but and the progress too. Maybe you can show completed task inside task list sometime after it completing?
  10. Of course, I don’t forget about monetization – added “Upgrade to PRO” button nearby target frame “Our team”. I think it shall stimulate to grow up tariffs.


You need to think about your users: who is this? Team leads, who need more controlling and statistic features. Programmers or managers, who only complete the task and need more features to saving some information and may be worked into tasks? Give to each user group necessary functions and make them happy!