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27 May, 2015 in Ideas , Uber (1)

Uber, grow up your service (and sales)


Hi! Some time ago I used Uber. This is a mobile application for search and ordering taxi. I can say only one phrase – they have a great service! But, I think, they can do more.

Uber customer is different people. Someone use UberX, some use UberLUX. And today I want to see on the luxury users segment.

Who are this person? Businessman? Politician? Stars? Who they wouldn’t be, they got used to convenience. And when I say convenience, I mean convenience in hotel’s, in airplanes, in things – everywhere. And in taxi too. What Uber can offer to this people besides car? Nothing. Why?

How about grow up your service and offer some other users order’s in ordered car? Example… water, coffee, fruits, lunch, newspapers, etc… Of course, for additional custom payments, which considered payment of this service, way to store location and some cleaning insurance. Also, Uber can take this option for all drivers and they can choose to take this order or not. And, of course, Uber can take some payment percent by this additional order.

Uber can start to make this service with LUX plans and show this additional option when people ordered the car. This is a really great chance to show that Uber think about VIP clients and want to do more pleasant for theirs.

UPD September 2015

Welcome UberEATS!